What is the Mastectomy Tattooing Alliance?

The Mastectomy Tattooing Alliance (MTA) is a registered charity founded by tattoo artist, Tanya Buxton, in 2021. Our charity has been created to help support the breast cancer, BRCA and transgender/non-binary communities in their healing journey after mastectomy, reconstruction and gender affirming surgeries. We provide funding for areola and mastectomy tattoos, and connect people with skilled tattoo artists, approved by our charity.

Mastectomy tattoos and 3D areola-nipple tattoos play a vital role in a person’s physical and emotional healing after breast cancer surgery, preventative mastectomy surgery and gender affirming surgery.

I had breast cancer five years ago. I had a mastectomy & reconstruction but I’ve been wanting a nipple tattoo to actually feel like my old self and complete after all my surgeries & active treatment. This is honestly the first time in five years a feel like me. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me!


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Your donations will help us to provide more of these life changing tattoos to the breast cancer and BRCA community, helping people to reclaim a piece of themselves back and move forward with confidence in their healing journey.

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Donations enable us to help the breast cancer community worldwide; enabling us to provide more funding for Mastectomy Tattoo services, expand our team of skilled MTA Artists and improve our artist training programmes.

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Help someone in their journey after mastectomy surgery by creating a personal Facebook Fundraiser or taking donations through Facebook for your own Mastectomy Tattooing Alliance fundraising event.

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Your surgery and treatments are complete and now it’s time to celebrate your amazing body.

But what is Areola Tattooing?

Will it work for me?

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Medical Tattooing can help reclaim your body and mark a new beginning of health and happiness.

But finding the right artist for this specialised form of body art can feel daunting, and information is not always widely available.

Our founder Tanya Buxton from Paradise Tattoo Studio has created a FREE eBook, dedicated to helping you understand this wonderful form of tattooing, and how it can benefit you.

This eBook focuses on Areola Tattooing and is designed to guide you through the entire tattoo process; from your initial consultation to your aftercare advice.

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Your voice matters. We would like to invite you to take part in our short, anonymous survey. Help us in our continuing research and development of 3D areola-nipple tattooing.

MTA Tattoo Fundraiser

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October tattoo artists from around the UK host their own tattoo flash days to help raise funding for the Mastectomy Tattooing Alliance.